Scalable IT support services

Integro Office provide our customers with flexible and scalable IT support services and consultancy. Our flexible pricing means you only ever pay for what your business needs and can benefit from real-time price reductions as your business scales.

Support could cost you as little as £5 per user per month, with fully managed support from Integro starting at only £99 per month. First class pricing for a first class service.

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Can Your Business Afford Downtime?

Integro protect you from unexpected downtime through proactive support and maintenance of key systems.
We work tirelessly to deliver 99.9% uptime to our customers.

A recent report by Gartner estimated the average cost of IT downtime is £4,280 per minute and the average time taken for disaster recovery was 18.5 hours.

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IT Downtime

Cost Effective IT Support

Our customers benefit from industry leading support levels with a simple pricing structure and flexible 30 day price tracking. Just our commitment to making sure our customer never pay more for IT support then they need to!

Integro truly understand office technology and our customers spend less time on the phone to support and more time running their businesses.

Leave IT to the experts, leave IT to Integro.

Our IT Services

User Support

Supporting your users

Application Support

Ensuring your applications are doing what they should when they should.

Network Support

Stay connected at all times, network support is key for smooth business operations.


Let no one in so your data doesn't get out! Security is at the heart of everything we do.

Infrastructure Support

Underpinning good infrastructure is good support and expertise. Desktops, Servers and Datacenters.

Device Support

Let your users work how they want and where they want with desktop and mobile device support.


Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it! Integro take the hassle out of backing up your data.


Looking to move your data and services to a new service provider? Our migration team can help.

Multi OS Support

We can support your business no matter which operating system you're using. Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.