Managed Print Services Delivered By The Experts

Integro help you take control of every page that goes through your organisation, and beyond. Ensuring compliance and data security regulations at all times. Print is still a vital part of business communications and more people then ever are favouring print over alternative media.

We know every page counts, which is why we only partner with industry leading manufacturers to provide equipment of the highest quality and reliability to our customers. Our team are all manufacturer trained and accreditted up to the latest model ranges.

Easily Track Your Costs With Integro

We utilise the latest technology to monitor the health and usage of each of your devices, meaning we know exactly what's needed by the device, from error codes, parts and consumables and will proactively resolve any issues before they present a major problem to your business.

Our print management software will provide security at the device aswell as user accountability, so you'll know exactly what your devices are being used for, and we'll even provide clear monthly statistics reports sent straight to your email.

Connect Your Device To Everywhere!

Our devices and software allow you to do so much more then just print!
Connect your device to all your business apps and get your files anywhere and in any format.

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